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Authentic Alsatian Ceramics

Explore Poterie.Alsace: Home of Authentic Alsatian Ceramics

Discover our exclusive selection of traditional Alsatian pottery, handcrafted in the historic workshops of Soufflenheim. Our products embody the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Alsatian potters, bringing a piece of French lifestyle directly to your home.

Our Product Range Pots

Perfect for cooking and serving your favorite dishes. Our pots are not only practical but also beautifully designed. Explore our famous Soufflenheim kouglof molds, handcrafted from ceramics, ideal for your traditional Alsatian recipes.


Experience traditional Alsatian design with our diverse range of pottery cookware. The ideal cookware for preparing classic dishes like “Baeckeoffe” and “Kugelhopf” (also spelled Kouglof) involves using traditional, durable molds which are not only functional but also add to the authenticity and flavor of these dishes.

Baeckeoffe: This Alsatian dish translates to “baker’s oven” in English, as it traditionally involves marinating meat (usually beef, pork, and lamb), potatoes, and vegetables in white wine and juniper berries overnight, then slow-cooking it in a sealed alsatian ceramic pot. The key to a perfect Baeckeoffe is the seal; the dough used to seal the lid of the cooking pot ensures that all the flavors are tightly locked in during the slow cooking process. Ceramic or earthenware pots are preferred as they evenly distribute the heat and help in developing a subtle crust on the surface of the dish.

Kugelhopf: This is a famous Alsatian and South German cake, known for its distinctive ring shape. It is typically baked in a special, fluted ceramic mold (kugelhopf molds), which gives it its traditional textured crust and soft interior. The mold’s central tube ensures that the thick batter cooks evenly, providing the classic dense yet tender texture. Kougelhopf is often enjoyed as a sweet cake with raisins and almonds, dusted with powdered sugar, or as a savory treat with bacon or nuts.

For both these dishes, using the right mold is crucial. It not only impacts the cooking technique but also the presentation and flavor of the dish. Traditional molds made of ceramic or cast iron are often recommended because they retain heat well and distribute it evenly, allowing for a gradual and thorough cooking process. These materials also add a rustic charm to the presentation of these hearty dishes.

Serving Plates

Perfect for special occasions or everyday meals. Add a touch of Alsatian charm to your dining table.

Decorative Ceramics

Our decorative ceramics add a splash of color and life to any home.

Handcrafted Terracotta Oyas from Alsace 🏺

Our oyas are not just any irrigation tools; they are crafted with care from high-quality terracotta in the heart of Alsace, a region renowned for its artisanal traditions and pottery skills. Each oya is meticulously shaped by local artisans who use age-old techniques to ensure you receive a product that is not only sustainable but also rich in cultural heritage. This makes each piece uniquely effective in water delivery and a beautiful addition to any garden setting.

Embrace a piece of Alsace tradition and expertise with our terracotta oyas – your plants will thank you!

Soufflenheim Pottery: A Tradition Recognized with Protected Geographical Indication

The pottery from Soufflenheim has been granted a Protected Geographical Indication (IG). This recognition highlights the unique quality and cultural significance of the pottery crafted in this region of France, acknowledging its longstanding traditions and the distinctive methods used in its production.


Why Buy From Us? Quality and Tradition

Each of our products is made using traditional methods that have been preserved for generations in Soufflenheim. We guarantee the highest quality and authenticity.

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We carefully package each piece to ensure it arrives in perfect condition directly at your doorstep in Canada.

We use the following delivery services for home delivery: Colissimo (French Post), DPD or Chronopost.

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Order easily and securely through our online platform. We accept a variety of payment methods (credit card, PayPal, American Express, Dinners) and our website is fully available in English.


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I am thrilled by the quality and beauty of the ceramics from Soufflenheim. Each piece is a work of art!” – Samantha W., London

The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely packaged. I will definitely order again!” – Mark S., Canada

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